What Others Are Saying

GREENING VERMONT: “Vermont is proud of its environmental ethic.  This important book reminds us of the steps we need to take to keep it alive.” — Former Governor Madeleine Kunin;

“Greening Vermont makes me proud to be a Vermonter.  This book is an incredible story of the brave and dedicated people who developed the policies and passed the laws and created the partnerships, the initiatives and the innovations that protect the natural resources of our beautiful Green Mountain State.” — Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin;

“Readers who care about Vermont will flock to this book – the photographs, artwork and personal histories are alone worth the price – but everyone who thinks carefully about environmental issues should read it as well.” — Michael Fortunato, Professor of Economics, Williams College;

DATELINE VERMONT: “This memoir by the longtime chief of the Associated Press bureau in Montpelier is a fascinating insider’s look at the public issues and personalities of the last 30 years in Vermont.” — Tom Slayton, Editor emeritus, Vermont Life Magazine;

“With frankness and clarity, Graff tells the stories of the most interesting political events of the state. Graff writes how the politics in Vermont affected the entire nation — from the inauguration of the state’s first female governor to the state’s approval of civil unions, from the rise of one-time Gov. Howard Dean, now Democratic National Committee chairman, to the skyrocketing popularity of two Vermont Congressmen into the national political arena.” — Marnette Federis, Roll Call;

“The new must-have for Vermont political junkies and history buffs.” — the late Peter Freyne, Seven Days;

“Graff has the storyteller’s gift of choosing the right details and shaping his story in a dramatic fashion. But there is something more. Graff’s book, like his work as a reporter, is characterized by an unusual generosity of spirit. He never succumbs to the cynicism that might cause him to dismiss the people he covered as mere politicians.” — David Moats, Vermont Public Radio commentary;

“It’s a page-turner that chronicles not only his mysterious firing, but also a flurry of changes Vermont has faced—and often fought—in the past century.” — Kevin O’Connor, The Rutland Herald/Times Argus;

“Graff has established himself as one of Vermont’s most respected, reliable and influential journalists.” — The Brattleboro [VT] Reformer.

MESSAGES FROM A SMALL TOWN: “The townspeople and farmers of this small Vermont town will live forever in Neil’s work. This is documentary photography as art in the truest sense.” — Tom Slayton, Editor emeritus, Vermont Life Magazine.

UNTAMED VERMONT: “A. Blake Gardner takes the visual road less traveled and assembles a collection of stunning photographs that contain no churches, cows, barns, or signs of human influence. Gardner’s photographs are just as rich and varied as the places they are taken, in Vermont’s unique mosaic of natural communities.” — Carl Demrow, Northern Woodlands Magazine.

GRANITE & CEDAR: “Granite & Cedar: The People and the Land of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, paints a poignant portrait of perseverance and community in an unforgiving rural landscape.” Melissa MacKenzie, Vermont Sunday Magazine.

TRANQUIL VERMONT: “Ms. Shepherd’s book is divine. She paints with clarity yet whimsical softness. One critic said her paintings were nostalgic, like she was painting scenes that exist only in memories.” Jennifer Hersey, Barton Chronicle.