About THP

Thistle Hill Publications (THP) is a small business in the hills of North Pomfret, Vermont. Our focus has been on art and/or photography books relating to New England, with an occasional foray into politics and geography. Normally, we publish only one or two books a year, so we do not have a formal catalogue, but we do have a small brochure that describes all of our books.

THP was founded a decade ago by Jack Crowl, a retired journalist who has lived in Vermont for the past 20 years. In his previous life, Jack was publisher of The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, both based in Washington DC. He now lives halfway up Thistle Hill Road in North Pomfret with his spouse, the artist Gaal Shepherd and their Golden Retriever, Harpo (who can, like his namesake, communicate well without speaking).

Helping Jack on a part-time basis is Ron Rhodes, also a refugee from the flatland (Ohio and DC) whose main occupation is as a river steward for the Connecticut River Watershed Council.

Six books are now on the market. They are available for sale on-line and in various New England bookstores:

We hope you enjoy our site and our books!

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